Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Jan 11 2017 - What Are We Doing In Class Today?

Entrance Ticket -Read this cool link and watch this video
I know it does not have anything about Cyber Security, but I heart this so bad... I love engineering solutions like this, where you can make a 25 cent tool to do the job of a $500-$5000 machine... This is so Awesome... We should all sit down and take a hard look at problems, especially medical problems that can be solved with a "good enough to provide results that is good enough for the specific application." that can then be deployed in places where the $500 solution is out of reach.

As you start your wild ride in to this crazy world... you need to have this kind of "hacker" attitude
Class Agenda:
  • Entry Ticket - 15 min
  • Cygwin
  • Career Fair on Jan 25 projects
    • 2-3 Min Demos -Explain how it works in 3-5 slides 
      • Arduino & DigiSpark
        • Enigma demo - 2-3 slides, and 2 Arduino.  1 to encode message, and the 2nd to decode
        • flash LED demo showing code.  2-3 slides on the Arduino IDE and uploading code.  Specifically pointing out how changes in code will change the results
        • DigiSpark  fun Demo like moving the mouse on one digispark, and a second one which opens command prompt and opens a command prompt, and runs a script that deletes files, and then maybe wipes out the machine OS.. like re-naming system32 files.
      • NetAcademy - 2-3 slides about NetAcademy and the Boneyard PC working on the RACK
      • Virtual Machines - demo spinning up a VM in Kali Linux and doing some demo
      • DoS a Site
      • Robot hand
    • Free Running 1-2 min PSA / Class Introduction?
  • Class cleanup projects Plan - Signup for a Job
    • Resistors from Bags to Bins
    • See what Capacitors we have - use Blue post-it notes (black bins)
    • See what TTL Logic Chips we have - use Blue post-it notes (pink bins)
    • Build Server Rack Stand
  • Hub? if so lets do this at 2:30
  • Future Crime - Reading - Stand up and get your books.. Turn to page ?? 

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