Useful Links Used in Class

In the Class Room
  • Jupiter - This is the SVCTE grading software.  Ha Ha, See if you can hack your self an "A".  This is where all the assignments  will be listed and instructions on how to turn them in. 
  • Cisco NetAcademy - This a set of Cisco classes, that we will be using in our class.  Please get logged in.  You should book =mark it too... as with most of these links. :-) 

On-Line Learning Sites: 
In this new education / work paradigm... you can't plan on buying a 4 year college degree and "amortize" it over your 30-40 years of work... you will need to continue to learn every day to stay competitive. Really... I mean, just think about it... technology is changing so fast, so that if you don't keep up, you will be the only one with an active MySpace account...
  • Coursera Online Classes - Hundreds of Specializations and courses in business, computer science, data science, and more.

  •  Instructables - This is the same idea as the Udemy... Pick a class and take it.  
  • Udemy - This an AWESOME site to find on-line classes.  We will be taking some of these classes.  You will also have opportunists to pick classes, not necessarily related to Cyber Security, to take durring yiour free time in class.  Many time when you get done with your current assignment, rather than just sitting around, you can jump in to your Udemy class for a few minutes... the point is not to waste your time.

Cyber Security Specific

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