Current Event:Grading Rubric

Please find a current event relating to Cyber Security,  Find an event, news story, or article that happened in the last few weeks that relates to Cyber Security.

For full credit, please make sure:

  1. Slides Style, Layout, and Fonts are the same (same font and size) - 
    • Why?  When your slides have diffrent Fonts or styles, it gets very distracting to the audience.  
    • Pick a style and stick with it throughout the whole presentation.
  2. Font is large, bullet are short sentences
  3. Add at least 1 graphic/image/chart/ etc,  to each slide that is relevant... if you feel the need to add a "wagon" do that on the 5th slide
Each presentation will have 5 (Now FIVE!!!) slides:
  • 1st Slide:  Presentation Title, Your Name, Link to source
    • Title of your presentation
    • Your Name
    • Link to the web site, Article, etc 
    • Image or graphic, chart that is relevant to your presentation
  • 2nd Slide:Who, What, Where
    • Relevant Title for this side
    • link to source
    • 3-4 bullets pulled from your overview.  What Happened, Who was Attached, What was Lost, Etc.  How is this related to Cyber Security?
  • 3rd Slide: What was the Specific Cyber Security Failure?
    • Title: Specific Cyber Security Failure
    • What Problem or Failure does this link/article show?
    • How would Hackers / Malware take advantage?
    • What is the potential Damage / Danger?
  • 4th Slide: Solutions (answer the question of what the solution is)
    • Title: Specific Cyber Security Solution
    • 2-3 bullets addressing:What is the solution? <-- This is the most important part of this slide
  • 5th Slide: Overview 2-3 paragraphs (100-200 words).  <-- 200 words (for full credit) You don’t present this slide. You use this slide content to build bullets on 2nd and 3rd slides, which you will present
    • Title of your presentation
    • Link to the web site, Article, etc
    •  Overview 2-3 paragraphs (100-200 words) <-- 200 words (for full credit)  summarizing the selected Article... mixed with your own words!!!!
      • This is back ground information in the form of a few paragraphs…
      • You don’t present this slide.
      • Use content to build bullets on 2nd and 3rd slides, which you will present
Please Turn in to Jupiter as a PDF or Google doc PPT

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